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Oh my burning friend why are you late today?

Are you hiding in the mighty mountain or in the deep ocean .

Where are you my alarming friend?

You are the glowing star in my world.

Oh my taintless friend you taught me many,

The wacky wind tries to overpower but you whack it.

The cloud loves to cuddle but you never care.

The rain tries to stop but your smirk shatters it.

You gave me warmth when i shievered

Oh my rising star come out and pour your grace 

Your are not a sinking star like me but a shining star 


Life is a mysterious book what will happen in our future is unpredictable it may be positive or negative but one thing we should keep in our mind is what ever the problem may never sink on it . Let us all rise and shine like a shining starHOLD YOUR HOPE TRUST YOUR PROCESS .


Hai my reader friends here i am going to share my experience as a blogger. I am a person who is not good at technology, my few friends  are bloggers I like to visit their blogs and comment but never ever thought that I will be a blogger one day. I started this blog with compulsion, we have a course  called New media for social change in this semester as a part of our assignments we have to open a blog and post 5 articles. When my ma’am said that i was shocked.I decided to write poems. My saviour is close to my heart because it is  my first poem.I never thought that I can write poems but as I said earlier life is a mysterious book we cannot predict things. Many funny things happened during my blogging, for my third poem I was thinking a lot, nothing strucked me so I was fed up and went to my terrace to have a break.There I saw the sky it was empty because the  sun was late ( I get up early ) . So i took it as a theme in my poem sink or shine.

                    I would like to thank my ma’am Ms.vrushaa for giving a wonderful assignment.This blog taught me a valuable lesson that actually I can do things which I thought I cannot do. I hope this blog will help me to change from sinking star to shinning star .

                   I am going to continue this blog . Hope so much more poems will be coming from your poet (oops little exagerration ) budding poet.

                 Thank you so much for your continuous support. All your comments are so much valuable to me.I hope your support will continue for my future post.

                                   with  love,                                                        priya 


In my mind that day is as fresh as today 

He gave me you in my hand

I expected a red rose from him but he gave me you

Yes, I was disappointed I love him more than my life

But why did he give me you?

I cried till there was no tears to shed

Oh will my love always be oneside,

But why did he give me you?

I cannot bear this pain, I went to him and asked why did he give me you?

He said you ( Purple lilac ) symbolize FIRST LOVE

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The Perks of Being a Farmer

I remember those days when petrichor pierced my nose,

My field was filled with water,my heart with hope.

My eyes glowed as the crop grew,

When I looked at my field a sense of joy hit me.

The gobs of grain fed the hungers of many

But now all turned down, no petrichor to pierce my nose

My field was filled with mudcracks and heart  with hopelessness

My eyes died as the crops dried

When I looked at my field a sense of sorrow hit me

Now there is even no grain to feed the hunger of mine

My world was wiped, the debt dumped me

The pain struck my heart and it stopped my life

The perks of being a farmer is to die when the crops died


Agriculture is considered as the backbone of the Indian economy but now more than 100 farmers died in tamilnadu recently. So i request my reader friends to raise your voice and support the farmers

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The thick blanket of snow covers everything,

The trees are struggling to breath

The flowers are afraid of blooming

The sun is hiding from fear like me.

Everything is now under the spell of snow

I am turning pale by looking the dale

The beautiful days spent are haunting me,

The world looks me as a stronger one but my heart knows I am weak

Because MY LIFE,MY LOVE,MY SOUL is in conflict.

I am longing for the days,nights,and smiles I have spent with you.

I am waiting for you all my life,

Oh my love return home soon.


I would like to dedicate this shortpoem to all wife’s whose husband’s are working in armed forces .Without them we can not live peaceful but till their return their wife’s had to hold their breath.

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Readers i love to read your comments please share views with me – Priya 


I was walking through the dark cimmerian forest,

My way was filled with rayless night.

The pain tore my heart into pieces

Darkness engulfed me ; my vision started to blur

The eerie night didn’t scare me but my pain…

The world crushed me down

The people I adore started to ignore me

I stood in the edge to destory myself

Suddenly a streak of light passed, there stood my saviour

Oh my dawn and my dusk 

My lord gave his hand to me

My saviour! My saviour!

For I am the LORD your GOD who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.  Isaiah 41:13

As the verse says God will always be  there to help us  and solve our problems.

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